How does the Dollar Diabetic Supply membership work? #

Simply select a plan based upon the frequency that you test. Create an account with your shipping address and billing details. Then we ship you the supplies you selected along with your FREE meter. Every 3 months we will send you more strips and lancets based upon the plan you selected. You can cancel anytime or pause/delay shipments at any time. We only bill you when we ship you supplies, so if you pause your account, you will not be billed until the next time you are ready for supplies. You always ONLY pay for what you receive.

Is there a fee or is it free to sign up? #

It is FREE to sign up, and there are never any fees for anything other than the supplies you receive. You only pay for the supplies you wish to receive.

Is there a long term commitment? #

There is no commitment whatsoever. You simply pay for the plan that you choose for the duration that you have it. You can cancel at anytime and owe no more, but once a member, you will see that there’s too many reasons for you to stay on board.

What if I actually don’t test very often? #

Then you can adjust your membership frequency to better fit your testing needs. Make changes to your plan anytime. We only bill you for what you get. If you need to wait a few months for your next shipment, no worries, you can delay your shipment and you won’t be billed again until you are ready for the next package.

What is your cancellation policy? #

You can cancel your account at any time. No penalties. No extra fees. When you create your account, you have complete access to it to make changes or to even cancel at any time. We are here to help, not trap you.

Where can I see the settings for my membership? #

You just need to visit our login page and sign in with the credentials you created when you signed up. This will direct you to all the information you have under your membership plan. This is available to you at any time once you are signed up.

What if I want or need to switch plans? #

Then, by all means, do so. You have the freedom to change your plans at any given time during your membership. The freedom is yours. You are only charged for the plan you choose, and if one isn’t working out for you, simply downgrade or upgrade to another. Easy as that.

Can I pay for my plan a year In advance? #

Our apologies. We do not offer pay in advance services at this time. We only operate under the membership services.

What are your accepted payment options? #

We currently accept all major credit cards.

Is Dollar Diabetic Supply fully HIPAA Compliant? #

Yes, all of your information is kept completely confidential.

How do your supplies stack up against a Pharmacy? #

We offer supplies that undergo the same quality requirements as the supplies you buy at the pharmacy, but at a fraction of the price your pharmacy is going to charge you. With Dollar Diabetic Supply, you can still rely on the best in diabetes management and not empty your pockets to get it. We also deliver your supplies directly to your door. No more trips to the pharmacy and no more worrying about running dry on supplies again.

Can I have multiple subscriptions under one single account? #


Do you ship outside of the United States? #

Sorry, but we currently ship within the U.S. only. Please keep in touch via Facebook, Twitter, or even our website for possible international updates. As for our respected military men and women, we can ship to most APO Addresses.

Do you offer opportunities to create membership as a gift? #

Not at this time. We are working on it and should have gifting options available soon.